Transportation in Denver...

If you're a visitor to scenic Denver or you're a new resident, you'll find many places for you or your family to enjoy throughout the year. There's the popular Elitch Gardens, the Botanical Gardens, the Nature and Science Museum, the Denver Art Museum, and many more.

But if you're newly arrived, how do you get to these magnificent places? Denver is by far one of the most pedestrian friendly cities in the US, with a high number of walkers and big riders. In fact, many of the more popular places of the city are within walking distance. While driving is the easiest way to get around the city, with the current rise in gas prices, many travelers and residents can use other means to get around the city.

RTD - one of the most popular ways of getting around, the Regional Transportation District utilizes a city wide system that can travel not only around Denver, but to neighboring suburbs of Littleton, Glendale, Downtown Denver, and even all the way to Boulder, CO. For a small fee, riders can not only take the regular and express buses that run nearly all day and night, but also use of the Light Rail system. And for travelers going downtown, the free 16th Street Mall buses go all around the scenic downtown scene.

Denver B-Cycle - bike riders rejoice. If you're visiting or have just moved to Denver and you miss your rides through the park or early morning/evening bike rides, no need to worry. Denver's bike sharing program offers bikes for a small fee for either for a few hours or even the entire day, so that you can enjoy the sun and weather in the city.

Charters - if you're unsure about where and what you should see, chose one of the many different charter and tour services to show you around the town!

Denver is an historic city, with many different areas still maintaining historic buildings, shops, and areas. Getting to an from these popular places isn't hard to do, whether you take your car, use the RTD lines, bike, or have someone else in the reigns, viewing and exploring Denver is an experience you can't get enough of.